Dermalogica Facials


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The Dermalogica facial

This dermalogica facial is designed to target your unique skin concerns. Your therapist will discuss your concerns and tailor make your facial to help target the problems.

The dermalogica facial includes, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masque, toner, massage, moisturise and protection.


Age Smart Dermalogica Facial

Designed for clients who are concerned with the signs of aging, dry and sun damaged skin. This facial will give tired skin a noticable power boost to help firm, smooth, regenerate and hydrate the skin.


Medibac Clearing Dermalogica Facial

This powerful facial will jump start acne clearing and go on to help prevent acne well after the treatment.


Enviromental Control Dermalogica Facial

Designed to sooth and calm red, itchy and inflamed skin. This facial includes a super calming masque to instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation.


Chroma White Dermalogica Facial

Treat your skin to that fresh glowing look with this must have treatment. This facial will accelerate brightening, reduce pigmentation, improve skin tone and give you a GLOW. A perfect pre wedding facial.